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Health Coaching

Because most people need extra support, information and accountability when it comes to losing weight and adapting a healthy lifestyle change, we’ve custom-designed our coaching package for  your specific needs. After our evaluation, we can determine the eating plan that will best fit your needs. Rest assurred, all eating plans are budget and family friendly! Our weight loss and health coaching package include:

Natty 90 Day Program w. Juice ($765 value)

  • Initial Assessment  

  • Kitchen Makeover

  • 11pc Portion Control Kitchen and Dining Set

  • 4day Detox Program

  • Customized Healthy Cooking & Eating 101 Binder

  • 3 Cooking Classes w. Natty Queens Apron




Natty 90 Day Program w. Juice Shipments ($665 value)

Ideal for out of area clients…

  • Initial Assessment

  • Skyped Kitchen Makeover Session

  • Gladiator 4day Juice Detox

  • 11pc Portion Control Kitchen and Dining Set

  • Customized Healthy Cooking & Eating 101 Binder

  • 3 Skyped Cooking Classes & Natty Queens Apron





Natty Queens Coaches live by one creed:


You CAN!
I dentify what holds you back
C ommit to the process
A ppreciate the journey
N ever stop living Healthy

The Healthy Lifestyle
Are you changing the way you eat for health reasons?
For $175, Chef Kat will come out to your home and perform 60-90 minute evaluation, go over your Health/Fitness goals, make a list of necessary pantry staples and have them delivered to your home within 24hours!  You can add the Binder to this service for additional $30 this is a $10 savings from the regular price of $40! (this prices includes, consult, evaluation, $75 worth of pantry staples, and delivery)

None of the information on this site is suggested medical advice. Please check with your healthcare provider before starting a new eating or exercise plan.




  Email to schedule a consult for our indepth 90 day

      Health Coaching Plans!!    

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