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Eat More, Eat Better Kids Cooking

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Chef Kat and Natty Queens Cuisine are fighting Childhood Obesity with fun, information coupled with a hands-on approach to the cooking and getting healthy process. We have partnered with various Afterschool Programs, Churches, Government Agencies and Non-Profit Organizations to hold mass group cooking classes to replace the missing home economic programs in schools.  Class sizes are from 5 to 35 (ages 9-18).  Classes for younger children ages 3 to 8 are availables Call 803-250-6078 for details.


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The overall goal of this program is to provide FREE cooking classes to schools during the school year. Our traveling cooking class tour that we kicked off this September is well under way. We are need of sponsors. A class of 20 students is $100. Click the donate button below. If you have a school that you would like Chef Kat to attend please email us @



The kids enjoy some of these activities:

  • Learning and making a Healthy Plate

  • A veggie tasting

  • Learn activities via the Super Crew Tool kits

  • Recipe Scavenger Hunt (they have to find recipe items off Chef Kat’s cart

  • Hands on Healthy Snack Preparation

  • Field trips to the grocery stores and SC State Farmers Market

  • Starting a garden

Would you like to have a Natty Kid Cooking Camp at your Facility? Call Jacky for scheduling and pricing at 803-250-6047 or email

We also teach the kids:

  • making the promise to try new foods

  • kitchen safety

  • setting the table

  • a guide on eating together

  • clean up

 Chef Mentoring Program & Cooking Competitions:

As Chef Kat visited schools in the Midlands area, she was saddened by the lack of outlets for the kids to learn about healthy foods . But she was also blessed to meet some awesome  young people that have a passion for cooking.

A team mate had the awesome idea of shadowing programs and advanced classes. These classes will be given to preteens and teens that want to learn about being a chef, getting healthy  and learning how to prevent illness by earting clean!

This program will be totally funded by donations and the kickstarter Project!


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