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"Ms. Natty Queen herself, Chef Kat Tolbert, is exceptional in every way. Not just for the delicious meal, that was full of new flavors, new textures and things I thought I would never try, but also because of the care she has and the attention to detail. The wine glasses, the roses, the candles and the keepsakes to remember our night, were perfectly us. But let me also be clear, the food, oh the food, was out of this world. She even accommodated my husband and I's different taste palettes. I enjoyed a perfectly cooked steak, while my husband let the salmon melt in his mouth.  The portions were perfect. We had more than we could have asked for and even some to enjoy the next day. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our Natty Queen experience. The Queen made us feel like we were royalty."

Shannon O'Berry Sharper, Lexington, SC December 2016


"I surprised my husband with an Anniversary dinner created by Natty Queens Cuisine and we were both surprised!! The meal was excellent,ambience was beautiful...impressive. Can't wait for our next experience."

Simone Reeves, Charlotte, SC November 2016


"I've utilized Natty Queens Cuisine for the past two years for my organization's annual Women's Empowerment Luncheon and she's wowed me and my guests each time. Chef Kat is very personable and serves the most delicious food - and then tells you how good it is for you. My guests have already requested that I keep Chef Kat and Natty Queens Cuisine for future events and I have to agree with them. She is the best!"

Michelle Garrett, Columbia, SC August 2014


"Pleasant to work with and enjoys what she does! I have used her for many events and will continue to do so! Awesome customer service and goes above and beyond to make sure the customer is happy!"

Tina Torres, Columbia, SC August 2014


"My body really feels so much better and my clothes do too! LOL... Such a great motivational way to start off my weight loss journey! If anyone ever wondered if the juice works it really does if you stick to the rules."

J. Moore, Columbia, SC November 2013


"After 5 weeks on my Natty Queens Meal plan I'm down 10 pounds and 9 inches!!! This would be impressive under normal circumstances, but it is even more impressive because I take a high dosage of Prednisone to treat a rare, chronic autoimmune disorder. You don't lose weight on Prednisone; you gain it. Chef Kat is the TRUTH! #nattyqueensforlife

Staci T. White, Hackensack, NJ September 2013


"If it wasnt for Chef Kat  I would never have lost 40lbs! Thanks and I love you! You are a true blessing in my life ... continue to use the gift that God has given you and nothing but blessings are coming your wayyyyy"

Danyelle Kennedy, Columbia, SC.... September 2013

"I started this new journey a week ago.  I started this journey because I wanted to start eating healthier so I can be even more active and get back to what I look and weighed when I graduated high school.  I am now working towards that goal.  As in most weight loss adventures I was not skeptical about this one, I seen what Chef Kat Tolbert was able to accomplish and she was my inspiration to start this journey.  I was like if she can do this I can do this.   A week later I am down 8 pounds and clothes are starting to fit loser and just feel amazing.  I feel like I have more energy and when I am done eating I don't feel bloated or heavy.  Also many of my aliments have gone away.  My lower back doesn’t hurt like it use to, I use to cramp up really bad in my stomach and in my legs and that has gone away.  Also being a police Officer I stand on my feet a lot and they no longer hurt.  This is truly a blessing to me, I am so thankful to have started this and understand now that eating healthy does not have to be eating bland food or the same food over and over again.  I don't even have the desire to eat fast food anymore the smell of it makes me sick." 

Stacy L. Case, Columbia City Police... Oct 2012

"Hi Natty Queens! I'm stopping by to let you know how much I love your services. Since becoming a Natty Queen client you have been a huge Blessing to my family in a time of need. Your delicious food is healthy and nutritious so not only is my family eating better but we're also feeling and looking better. Plus, I love the fact that you're so convenient. Thanks for offering such an awesome service and I'm excited about what 2013 is going to bring for the Natty Queen Dynasty!"

Kaela Harmon, Columbia Metropolitan Airport... Nov 2012


​​"Thank you so much for giving my guests a taste of Sweden, Switzerland, and Spain! You truly allowed me to enjoy my guests and the night without a worry over the food"

Tamara Keitt, Irmo, SC...Dec 2012

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