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Take Advantage of the Natty Experience

Personal Chef Services

Chef Kat will come to your home on a predetermined date and conduct an in depth interview to discover your preferences and show you how we can customize menus to accommodate you and your family’s tastes and dietary requirements. We then choose one day of the week to come to your kitchen and prepare a day or week’s worth of meals and refrigerate or freeze them. All items will be labeled with complete heating instructions to be enjoyed at your leisure in the comfort of your own home. We bring all of our own cooking equipment and will leave your kitchen sparkling clean when we’re finished with our cook day.

Customized pricing is also available so please call for details!
We are well-versed in dietary alternative menu planning and cooking: Gluten-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Heart Healthy.

Lectures & Demonstrations

Healing & Healthy cooking workshops/ tastings for small groups up to 10 people. Large Lectures, demonstrations and workshops are also available. For more information or to schedule your class, lecture, tasting or demonstration, please call us at 843-714-8667 or email us. We also make expo and panel appearances as well! ​

Interactive Cooking Parties and Casual Cooking Classes

 Jazz up your next party by hiring Natty Queens to engage your guests in making a great healthy dish in a fun way! Imagine be able to make a trendy new appetizer or watching a demo of your favorite meal; you and your guests will have a great time in a light, casual, and low-pressure atmosphere. Great for Bridal/Bachelorette Parties and Theme Parties!
Want to learn more about cooking? Natty Queens Cuisine offers casual cooking classes in which Chef Kat will teach you how to prepare a variety of dishes in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. From gourmet cuisine to everyday simple, yet delicious meals you can make for your family, you’ll surprise your family with your new culinary expertise and they will love you for it.
Do you have a group of friends working together to achieve a healthy lifestyle or tackling weight loss? Increase your supportive foundation by learning to cook the Natty Queen way together. Learn how to challenge each other to create new low calorie, low fat healthy meals. You be surprised when you incorporate a good bunch of people with a cup of fun add in a gallon of laughter, healthy cooking can be a breeze!
Group Classes (minimum 4 participants) Teen/Kids Classes, Couples Classes and Individual Classes are available.

Coaching Services

If you’re like most people, you have the information and the knowledge, but simply lack the motivation, the right kind of accountability, or the confidence that it will actually work for you.
Weight loss and fitness coaching can help get you moving, and help you look and feel younger and better than you have in years. You can get a leaner, stronger, more healthy and fit body, which will give you more energy, more confidence, and more pride in your appearance. With Chef Kat you have the benefit of having someone that understands what you are going through. She woke up one day and realized that she needed to make a drastic change for her and her teenage son. Fast forward 8 months later, her 16yr old lost 85lbs and she at a starting weight of 286lbs is currently 20lbs away from her goal of 140lbs! She fully understands your day to day struggles with temptation and knows the road will not be easy. With benefit of the Natty Network of counselors, physicians, and trainers, we can find the right approach for you and get you well on your way!









































































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