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The Birth of the Natty Experience…​​

In 2009, I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), which is a long-term autoimmune disorder that may affect the skin, joints, kidneys, brain, and other organs. I witnessed my grandmother battle this disorder growing up, but because of her poise, flare for humor, and strength, I never knew the extent of the damage this ailment can caused till I went through it myself.  Not many doctors will admit they really do not know how to treat the mysterious monster, so you find yourself jumping from specialist to specialist armed with a heaping helping of NSAIDS and pain killers that wreck havoc on your body. If you do not get relief, they blame it on the weight the meds helped you pack on in the first place. Also, they love to reference a BMI chart that does NOT resignate with anyone I know in our communities! 

After going through an array of emotions ranging from anger to depression, I took to research, I found a way to tackle my weight while treat my different symptoms that were holding my body and life hostage.  I found {Nature’s Pharmacy} spices, vitamins, and foods that aide in beneficial weight loss and the treatments for many of my Lupus symptoms(before long I was able to come off nearly all my meds).  I was so pleased with my results, I wanted to share them with everyone whether you had an ailment or not. Everyone that I shared my information and creations with are currently living a new energized, healthy lifestyle. I cannot express the joy I feel watching this happen. Fast  & processed foods have become the reaper to our generation, a lot of us single mothers and families on the go have used this convenience to poison our family’s bodies. Plus there is a true joy found in revamping and creating clean foods. Although being a southern girl from Augusta, Ga, food and cooking has been in my life since I was a youngster. Becoming an adult with multiple jobs and an active teenager distracted me from my God-given skill of cooking and creating.  I am truly truly happy in the “LAB” and I love when clients like my culinary creations and the awe factor when they realize what they’re eating is good for you and does skimp on flavor! My mantra is that you "Cannot mess up a dish if you omit SALT & SUGAR!"

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