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20pc Cooking and Eating Natty Pack

20pc Cooking and Eating Natty Pack

All the essential cooking gadgets you will need to get you to cooking the Natty Way...

Chef Kat has compiled a wealth of all her favorite "go to" kitchen gadgets that get you used to portion control, nutrient temperature cooking (NO Burnt edges does not mean it is done!!!), a 30 day meal plan to get you on your way, and a Natty Queens Cuisine Monogram apron...

Now lets get to Cooking!!!
  • Details

    Package Contents:

    11pc Portion Control Cooking & Dinning Set
    Instant Read Kitchen Thermometer
    Slim Digital Nutritional Food Scale
    Just a Slice Silicon Cake Pan
    Bento Style Lunch Tote
    Large Canvas Shopping Bag
    30 Day Meal Plan
    Natty Queens Monogram Apron w. Oven mitt set
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