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Gladiator 4 day Straight Juice Detox

Gladiator 4 day Straight Juice Detox

3 64oz Natty Juice Smoothies 

Consume 1 10-12oz serving every four hours
with breakfast servings take vitamin supplements

if hungry in between servings consume unlimited amounts of Non Starchy Vegetables & Fruits

At bedtime, drink 1 cup of detox tea with sliced ginger root
  • Details

    Package Contents:
    3 64oz Containers of Natty Juice Smoothies (3 flavors)
    1 Box of Yogi Detox tea (16 bags)
    30 day supply of Milk Thistle, Cranberry Extract, Omega 3 & Turmeric Vitamins
    Portion Control Dining Tool
    Plan Instructions & Learning Tools
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