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80+ pages of healthy guides and information regarding making the change, stocking your kitchen, meal planning, guides to healing foods and cooking modules that will get you well on your way... Also you get weight trackers and meal planning templates.... You can order the binders for $40. So you can skip one trip to the salon or one night out of drinks with the fellas and make a small investment into getting healthy!!  And for an additional $10 we can further customize the binder to your specific health concerns. 

Multiple Order Rates:
Additional Binders $35 each
Additional Customized Binders $45 each

Binders Orders Process Time 24 to 48 hrs
Customized Binders 48 to 72 hrs
  • Details

    The Binder is Comprised of 5 (un-Customized $40) to 6 Sections (Customized $50) :

    Section One: Meet the Chef and Where do we Begin? Detoxing
    Section Two: Let's Get to Spice of Life...
    Section Three: The Eating Pages (What and How much you should eat and Easy Peezy Portion Control
    Section Four: The Cooking Pages... Healthy Cooking Guidelines, Recipe Swaps, Weight Loss Meal Plans and Grocery List
    Section Five: Health Coaching to a Transition, What is Next? Clean Eating Beginners Manual, RECIPES, Dining Out Guides, Work Out Eating Regimen, 20 Emotional Eating Techniques, & Understanding the Benefit of Personal Chef...
    Section SIX (Optional): The All about YOU Section! Customized Client Research Sections... 20-30 additional pages centered around the clients special needs.. e.i. Lupus, Diabetes, MS, or Cooking for Kids etc....

    Also, Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping and Weight Tracking Sheets

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