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Holiday Orders

Holiday Orders

Now Thanksgiving or Christmas is Complete Without a Healthy Turkey of Ham...

Let Natty make your holiday feast a little easier this year, by letting us handle the main course...

All Turkeys are cooked with Chef Kat's signature turmeric laced sazon seasoning. Enjoy the savory juicy turkey, breast or wings and get healthy at the same time.

What is the holiday without a little indulgence of the Chef Kat's Brown Shuga Ham...

Final Day to place a Thanksgiving order is 5PM NOVEMBER 21ST... Deliveries will start on Tuesday thru to Noon on Thanksgiving Morning.

Final Day to place a Christmas order is 5PM DECEMBER 19th... Deliveries will start on Tuesday thru to Noon on Christmas Eve Morning.
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    Turkey and Ham Serving Guidelines

    Whole turkey - turkey only:
    Allow for 1 pound of uncooked turkey per person when purchasing a whole turkey up to 12-14 pounds or turkey pieces (legs, thighs, etc); allow at least to 3/4 pound per person when purchasing a whole turkey weighing over 14 pounds.
    Reduce the total amount by 20 percent if you will have a server for the meat (not self serve) and want no leftovers.
    Increase the total amount by 50% if you want lots of leftovers or expect lots of heavy eaters

    Turkey Breast:
    Allow 2/3 pound per person when purchasing a bone-in turkey breast, which usually weighs between 4 and 8 pounds (4 pounds for each 6 people)

    Allow 5-8 ounces total of sliced cooked meat per person, which is 37-50 pounds per hundred persons PLUS 10 gallons of side dishes per hundred persons.

    Turkey plus ham
    If you have both, most people will eat both. Use the low end of the turkey estimate, 3/4 pound whole raw per person. Add 1 pound boneless ready to eat ham for each 4-5 people.
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