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Natty Royal Juice Smoothies Part One

Natty Royal Juice Smoothies Part One

All Natural made Smoothies made from farm fresh Fruits & Vegetables packed with vitamins & minerals to give you that healthy healing boost your need to make that healthy transition. 

Flavor Options Part One
~Emerald Juice
~Ginger Cucumber Banana
~Strawberry Kale Aloe Tonic
~Pink Boxing Lady (Antioxidant Punch)
~Choco Mango Power Protein
~Chia Ginger Pear
~Beet Berry Re-bounder
~Lemon Melon Coconut Water
~Natural Mane (for Hair & Skin Health)
~Cran Cherry Fennel Detox

The Smoothies do not contain:

Lactose or milk products
No nut proteins or additives
No Preservatives (product is shipped frozen)
  • Details

    Some Shake ingredients:
    Aloe Water or Juice
    Coconut Water
    Ground Flax or Chai
    Various Vegetables and Fruits
    Ginger & Turmeric
    Electrolyte Water
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